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Shot glasses specifically for Jägermeister

If you’re a fan of Jägermeister, you can’t find a better way to drink your delight than these Jagermeister Deer Head shot glasses. Made of pewter, these come in sets of two so you can drink with a friend.  When not in use, simply turn these glasses upside down to display the proud, antlered deer […]

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The world of jiggers

Jiggers are a staple of the (disciplined) bartender’s domain, though for those with little patience they might easily turn into unused gadgetry.  But unless you are an experienced drinkmaster who can accurately determine liquid volumes without the aid of measures, do not ignore the helpfulness of such tools. Jiggers are essentially two “cups” joined at […]

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The Bormioli Rocco “Sorgente” line of glassware

Bormioli Rocco’s “Sorgente” line of glasses gives a new twist on the classic cylinder-shaped vessel.  Actually, it departs from the traditional smooth sides of the glass altogether by using a design that suggests petrification, or better yet, ice.  The Amuse Bouche Sorgente Liqueur Glass Set (set of 6, left) illustrates this idea quite nicely.  Also […]

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Celebrate your patriotism!

What better time of the year than now to break out the drinks for family and friends with Pfaltzgraff’s 14 oz. Stars & Stripes Acrylic Double Old Fashioned Glasses. Great for days outside on the back patio or while waiting for the grill to get the sizzling meat just right.  Or when the cocktail calls […]

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