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How to measure and pour drinks

Pouring drinks is one of the basics of bartending, and one of the first things one needs to know about this is how to measure his or her liquids. Precision is important when making cocktails, since recipes may rely on very specific combinations of ingredients. Also, if you want to replicate a drink in the […]

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The world of jiggers, part II

Previously, you may have seen the post featuring several standard jiggers that provide bartenders with some help in serving consistent and well-proportioned drinks every time.  Today, I will feature a few jiggers which function the same as any ordinary jigger without looking like your straight-vanilla, metal jigger.     Kikkerland Jigger Cube This aluminum cube […]

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The world of jiggers

Jiggers are a staple of the (disciplined) bartender’s domain, though for those with little patience they might easily turn into unused gadgetry.  But unless you are an experienced drinkmaster who can accurately determine liquid volumes without the aid of measures, do not ignore the helpfulness of such tools. Jiggers are essentially two “cups” joined at […]

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