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You’ve just finished an exquisite dinner with friends, and now you want something smooth and settling you can sip after the table is cleared. Perhaps Sambuca. Or B&B. Or Amaretto. Whatever your choice, the perfect cordial requires the perfect cordial glass.

Finding that glass hasn’t always been easy. On this site, you’ll find ways to discover that nice cordial glass you’ve been hoping to discover, because let’s face it – the perfect occasion deserves to be celebrated with the perfect glass.

You’ll also find a curated list of other glassware here as well, such as martini glasses and decanters.  Also, be sure to check out the blog, where you can find musings on all things cordial-related.

Oh, and one more thing – those of us in the know realize that fine glassware isn’t only great for having around the home, but it also makes for a great gift for others. Cordial glasses in particular come in many unique shapes and designs, so you won’t be giving the “same old same old” to that person who already seems to have everything. Keep that in mind the next time you’re thinking about what to get someone for a birthday, Christmas, or some other holiday. (note: product links on this site are affiliate links).

Libbey Clear Tall Dutch Cordial Glasses (Set of 6)

Nachtmann Vivendi Crystal Stemmed Spirit Glass

Sea Stones Cool Cordial Glass

“Golden Grape”, hand painted

“Endless Summer”

Cobalt Blue Colored Evase Cordial Glasses (Additional Colors Available)

Leonardo Set/6 Stamper Cheers

Abigails Cordial Vintage Liquers Colored Glasses

Circleware Around the Curve 7 Piece Shot Glass Shooter Set

Crystal Multicolor Timeless Cordial Liquor Set

Artland Veritas Set

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Stemware Brandy/Grappa, Set of 6

Bormioli Rocco Amuse Bouche Sorgente Liqueur Glass

Oslo 6 Piece Shot Glass/Cordials

Islande Cordial Shot Glassware Set

Bormioli Rocco Limoncino Cordial Green Footed Shot Glasses, Set of 6

Impulse Biarritz Cordial Green Glass, Set of 4

Drink Essentials Vodka Shooters, Set of Four

Libbey Troyano Colors Shot Glass Set

Bormioli Rocco 4-1/2-Ounce Bistro Bar Shot Glasses, Set of 6

Artland Splendor Cordial Glasses

Schott Zwiesel Stemware Mondial Collection Cordial Tritan Crystal Glass

Anchor Hocking Cordial Sherry Glass

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