Cool wedding champagne flutes

We’ve rolled into wedding season for 2016!  Depending on where you live, it seems to begin soon after Easter and continue through the summer.  In warmer climates, wedding season may slow down in the mid-summer months before picking back up around September or October.

Toasting the bride and groom is always a prominent part of weddings, so you need some special wedding champagne flutes.  If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, this pair of raindrop champagne flutes may be just what you need.  Rather than resting on a foot, each flute tapers to a drop-like bottom and both are suspended in the stand when not in the hand of the bride or groom.  If you like the idea but want an alternative option, take a look at this customizable version.

For a pair of flutes that has feet, these cool wedding champagne flutes form an “interlocking heart” when placed together.  For a variation on this basic idea, take a look at this “linked love” flute pair.

If you are looking for something more traditional, this pair of Riedel Vinum champagne glasses might work.

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