Minty-flavored shot glass

One of the great things about liqueur glasses is that the minds behind them are constantly coming up with festive presentation ideas.  From shot glasses made out of ice to LED-lighted shot glasses, there are many ways to enliven social occasions.  This kind of ingenuity extends to the Christmas season, when the candy cane edible shot glass becomes an interesting way to serve drinks.  While the peppermint may give a rather “strange” flavor to certain drinks (e.g. those with strong fruit juice components), it would probably give a nice twist to others, such as chocolate- or coffee-flavored drinks.  Experiment, and enjoy!

And another thing – if you’re interested in something else to give that nice drink of whatever kind a nice, minty taste, check out these minty spoons!  Use them to stir your drink before they disappear into your drink, leaving you with a minty after-effect.  What could be more festive?

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