Bar gifts for Christmas 2021

Christmastime will soon be here, so now’s your chance to think about the gifts you’ll give.  While tastes differ from person to person, I’ve decided to make a list of bar-related gift sets that could satisfy at least one person – me!  That’s right, these bar gifts for Christmas 2015 are ones that I might like to get, or least which pique my interest, so they might appeal to someone else that you know as well.

The criteria I used to choose these were that they generally cost under $40 (a nice price target for a gift without breaking the bank) and they generally received decent ratings on Amazon.

Home-Complete Ice Ball Maker Mold

Why I like it: spherical ice cubes – what’s not cool about that?  But these cubes not only look sleek, they are also serve the practical function of melting at a slower rate, thereby leading to a chilled beverage without excessive water dilution.  The ice from this mold can be used not only for cocktails, but also for non-alcoholic drinks – so the whole family can get a kick out of this gift.

Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher

Why I like it: Beer caps are minor annoyances, and if there’s no place to throw them when a bottle is opened, they can end up on tables, on the ground – anywhere but the garbage.  This tool fixes that by storing them in the body of the opener so you can throw them away at your convenience.  This could be particularly useful during parties so you can clean up as you go.

Football Cocktail Shaker with ‘Kickoff Tee’ Styled Stand

Why I like it: This stainless steel shaker is beautiful to look at.  It is, after all, a “metal football”.  I would be tempted to take it off the shelf once in a while and play a bit of catch with it, but I’m guessing that that would not be wise.

Wine Enthusiast Vivid Wine Decanter

Why I like it: Yes – this is a simple decanter, but I’m biased toward ones that have a certain aesthetic “flair” to them.  Decanters have the practical purpose of wine aeration, but they also serve as works of art while on a table, filled with wine.  This decanter is visually-appealing to me because it is rather extreme: squat body, tall and slender neck.  There are many other beautiful wine decanters out there, but this one makes the list as it is just under $40 (current price).

Diamond Whiskey Decanter

Why I like it: Half the fun of liquor decanters is putting them on display.  With a nice amber (or clear) liquid to behold, it’s the closest thing to a feast for the eyes in your kitchen or office.  This decanter, shaped like a diamond, sits on its own wooden base when not being used to pour out liquid delights.  Priced at around $99 (current price), it’s a nice gift that could last many years.

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