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Whiskey decanters for gifts or personal use

The colder weather may prevent us from getting outside as much as we could in the summer months, but it also means the indoors are a bit more cozy.  With that in mind, I point to the age-old whiskey decanter, a great item to accentuate cozy, indoor places.  Not only are decanters great for their […]

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Bar gifts for Christmas 2021

Christmastime will soon be here, so now’s your chance to think about the gifts you’ll give.  While tastes differ from person to person, I’ve decided to make a list of bar-related gift sets that could satisfy at least one person – me!  That’s right, these bar gifts for Christmas 2015 are ones that I might […]

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Glassware gift sets for under $40

It can sometimes be a challenge to find reasonably-priced Christmas gifts.  Not sure of what to get, you might opt for a gift which is “safe” but boring, or you might overspend in hope that the price alone justifies your thoughtfulness.  Here are a few ideas for glass sets which not only make great gifts, […]

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