Whiskey decanters for gifts or personal use

The colder weather may prevent us from getting outside as much as we could in the summer months, but it also means the indoors are a bit more cozy.  With that in mind, I point to the age-old whiskey decanter, a great item to accentuate cozy, indoor places.  Not only are decanters great for their usual purpose of holding liquids, but they also make great gifts.  Remember, even if a person already has one, a second or third decanter could also be welcome.

Here are some things to consider when searching for decanter:

  • Does the decanter come in a set (i.e. with glasses) or alone?
  • Is the stopper all glass/crystal, or partially plastic?
  • What is the capacity in ounces?
  • Is it etched on the outside or plain?
  • What is the shape of the decanter, and will it fit nicely in the space I have reserved for it?
  • Have other customers given it positive ratings?

With these questions in mind, if you are in the market for a decanter today, you may want to at least consider the Godinger Symphony Crystal Decanter, James Scott Whisky Triangular Decanter, or possibly the James Scott Crystal, Whiskey, Wine, Liquor, Decanter. Each are crafted to my liking, and are moderately priced.  For those who are looking for higher-end barware, take a look at the stunning Ravenscroft line of decanters.

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