How to display your beloved shot glass collection

How do you display your shot glass collection?  If you have been collecting shot glasses over the years, it may be time to let guests admire them out in the open rather than have them gather dust in the back of some cabinet or in a shoe box somewhere.  Showcasing them can do something similar to what coffee table books can do: provide eye candy for visitors who need to be entertained for short periods of time.  They can also act as memory devices which help you recall fun remembrances of events you’ve been at or places you’ve visited.

One option for display is with this wall-mounted, oak 28 Shot Glass Rack Holder Display Case.  It fits both taller shooters and shorter shot glasses.

Another option is this dark wooden display that holds 36 glasses.

A third option – and perhaps my favorite – is this bamboo display rack that holds 23 glasses.  Although it doesn’t hold as many as the others, it doesn’t contain them in cubby holes but instead holds them with “divots”.  This could be a nice wall-rack to use along with a mirror backing or lighting system.

If your shot collection is massive and you are looking for something even larger, consider this curio cabinet that holds 100 glasses.

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