Break out the green glasses

It’s that time of year again – time to celebrate Spring AND St. Patrick’s Day!  What better way than by breaking out green glasses (and by “green” I mean the color, not the environment!)?  Even if you’re not the type to celebrate with the Irish, don’t worry.  Green glasses can also be used with monochromatically-themed dinners, parties in the month of May (the birthstone for May is emerald), or even Christmas celebrations.

I’ll start off by pointing you to this green-accented cordial glass set.  This set of six means that you have the opportunity to share these with five of your closes (or not so close) friends.  Of course, if you like the shape but don’t want them in green, they also come in a bunch of other colors as well.  In fact, if you get two different colors of these cordial glasses, you can mix them to give your gathering’s color palette a bit of variety.

This one’s a step up in the elegance department.

This is a hand-cut glass, green brandy/cognac goblet.  Use it on special occasions for yourself or get a few of them to enjoy with others.  In fact, if you wanted to use this during the Christmas season, the green color and snowflakesque design on the side would lend themselves quite well to it.  Or, use it on St. Patrick’s Day to pour yourself something special from Ireland.



Lastly, this is the Bormioli Rocco Limoncino cordial glass.  The green foot proclaims this as a creative work, but because the color doesn’t extend up into the bowl, it doesn’t block the view of the liquid inside it.  Bormioli Rocco is an Italian glassware company, but these green glasses could just as easily pass for Irish glasses for St. Patrick’s Day!

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