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Cool wedding champagne flutes

We’ve rolled into wedding season for 2016!  Depending on where you live, it seems to begin soon after Easter and continue through the summer.  In warmer climates, wedding season may slow down in the mid-summer months before picking back up around September or October. Toasting the bride and groom is always a prominent part of […]

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Plastic champagne flutes

Let’s face it – when gathering around for extra special occasions, such as those at which something bubbly may be on the menu, you can rack up an excessively high bill if you use glass champagne flutes.  This is why quality plastic flutes are sometimes needed, and this is where Partyware Plastic Champagne Flutes come […]

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Reconsidering the drinking motion

We are often unconscious of our movements when we lift a glass to our lips to drink before putting the glass down on some surface. Glasses from the Alessi Bettina Collection of Glassware alter such a basic motion. Made of two parts, the glass vessel separates from the clear thermoplastic (PMMA) base and need to […]

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