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Put layers into your cocktails with this easy tool

Layered cocktails are some of the most elegant to look at.  Horizontal stripes turn these drinks into spectacles which can be enjoyed visually before they are consumed.  While you can do this using the back of the spoon and some careful pouring, you can also do this with the Final Touch Glass Rainbow Cocktail Layering […]

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Do you have chemistry with your drinks?

If you have a friend who is a scientist, or even if you just know someone who was a chemistry major in college, these interesting shot glasses will undoubtedly put smiles on their faces.  The Test Tube Shooters Shot Glass Kit gives you six multi-colored plastic glasses in the shape of test tubes, complete with […]

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Sip from the rainbow!

What is more cheery than a splash of rainbowy glasses to grace your table?  Now that Old Man Winter has finally packed up, gear up for spring with these colorful Leonardo tumblers!  Glasses in six colors give you the colors of the rainbow and will brighten any day and make beverages on your table all […]

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Colorful shooters

Color makes for a festive occasion, and so these multi-colored Soho Hues Shot Glasses will liven up any occasion.  They are styled nicely with raised, colored bases, which arguably makes these appropriate for serving more expensive liqueurs for slightly more formal, yet trendy, occasions.  At the same time, they are extremely affordable (~$12 for set […]

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