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Icy shot glasses to cool your drink

Need an idea for serving shots at an upcoming party? Want something unique and memorable? Try making your own shot glasses out of ice with Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold. With this, you’ll be able to freeze your own shot “glasses” of ice so that when your guests arrive, you’ll have something special to […]

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Ice cube molds add a splash to your drink

If you’re looking for a way to add an extra-special “something” to the cocktails you serve at your next party, think ice – or ice cubes, to be exact.  There may be a handful of ice cube shapes that most people get in their drinks, so why not throw a curve by making your own […]

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Electric ice crushers

At times, you may want to serve drinks with “specialty” ice rather than your same old, standard ice cubes.  Enter the ice crusher.  While there are plenty to choose from, keep in mind that manual ice crushers (such as the Cilio Ice Crusher) may work for small jobs but may become tiring to crank for larger […]

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