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How to make a Moscow Mule

I had my first Moscow Mule over this past Christmas, and I must say that it was a delightful surprise.  Was it the bulging metalic vessel that did it?  Or its shiny copper color?  Or the interesting flavor profile of lime and ginger?  Or even the fact that the heaviness of the mug made it […]

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Martini Machine

  Although I’m guessing that this will never fully replace a good bartender, it’s at least nice to know that you can still have a solid martini right at home with the Waring Pro Electric Martini Maker. Fits 20 oz. of liquid, enough for you to serve yourself and some friends a few martinis at […]

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Time for a wintery martini

Just because you’ve put away the summery barware doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate in wintertime!  One way to add a touch of flare to your next gathering is with these Etched Snowflake Martini Glasses.  Whether you prefer a traditional martini or a dirty martini, these glasses will enhance your beverage display and impress your […]

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Pumpkin spice cocktail

It may cross your mind that there aren’t really any well-known cocktails specifically for Thanksgiving, but that shouldn’t stop the brave among us from trying to create our own.  With that in mind, I point to Amoretti Premium Pumpkin Spice Syrup which could very well serve as a basis for creating a turkey day cocktail.  […]

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