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Great chemistry gifts for the inner nerd

If you have a friend who is a scientist, a chemistry major in college, or just a downright nerd (who isn’t to some degree?), you may be in need of looking for chemistry gifts at some point in time.  Look no further than these cool shot glasses, which will undoubtedly put smiles onto their faces. […]

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Fancy chocolate cordial cups that will bring the party

Here’s something that will really elevate your next party: Chocolate Tuxedo Cups! These aren’t any ordinary chocolate cordial cups, but instead are crafted out of both white and dark chocolate to look like elegant tuxedos.  Made from premium chocolate, these come in packs of six, so you have plenty to enjoy with friends. I imagine […]

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What is the purpose of cordial glasses?

If you are new to the world of glassware, you may be asking yourself what the purpose of cordial glasses really is.  Why would anyone want to drink from a cordial glass when another type of glass would accomplish the same goal? The general answer to this question is that particular glasses add to the […]

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Drinking from these could be like a trip to Pompeii

Here’s an interesting cordial glass set, made of onyx: White Onyx Six Piece Goblet Set. Not only can you drink your beverages out of these, but you will be able to do it as if you were living in ancient Egypt or Greece or Rome or Pompeii (at least these are areas where I would […]

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