Great chemistry gifts for the inner nerd

If you have a friend who is a scientist, a chemistry major in college, or just a downright nerd (who isn’t to some degree?), you may be in need of looking for chemistry gifts at some point in time.  Look no further than these cool shot glasses, which will undoubtedly put smiles onto their faces. These Test Tube Shooters give you six multi-colored plastic glasses in the shape of test tubes, and they come with a display rack (so they look pretty even when not in use).

Alternatively, the Laboratory Container Shot Glasses Set gives you four differently-shaped glasses that look like the beakers and other vessels used by laboratory scientists.

Want to elevate your game with something even more fancy?  Then try this 15-Piece Bar Drinkware Chemistry Set .  With enough test tubes to go around, this set will make sure that the party is free from any negative charge.

Lastly, if you want something that can be used throughout the day, try the Conical Flask Glass Laboratory Mug. Filled with coffee or herbal tea, this mug can be a great showcase for a person’s love of science.

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