Fancy chocolate cordial cups that will bring the party

Here’s something that will really elevate your next party: Chocolate Tuxedo Cups! These aren’t any ordinary chocolate cordial cups, but instead are crafted out of both white and dark chocolate to look like elegant tuxedos.  Made from premium chocolate, these come in packs of six, so you have plenty to enjoy with friends.

I imagine these chocolate cordial cups would go well with a type of ice cream-based filling, though something liquid might also be appropriate. While using a chocolate liqueur in these might lead to “death by chocolate”, it would still be safer than serving hot beverages inside them – such as hot chocolate – which would simply lead to a chocolatey disaster.

Recipe ideas

Try using liqueurs or cocktails in these that complement the chocolate flavor.  Think Goldschläger, butterscotch schnapps, creme de menthe, or Bailey’s, or mixes using spirits like vodka.

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