A cute football shot glass


The football season in the U.S. is long.  Although we sometimes identify it as a fall sport, it really begins in late summer and continues right up through mid-winter.  With that in mind, we’re just about at the single, pinnacle event of the entire football universe – the Superbowl.  In a sense, it’s nice to have this kind of mega-event to close out the season so people can put the pigskin back into the closet until next August or September.

With this in mind, I present to you a nice little football shot glass. Simply pour in the liquid of your choice and see a football seemingly “suspended” in glass – at least until you take a few sips! Get it now to celebrate the Superbowl, or get it so you can break in the new season in future months. No, you might not be able to find exotic cordial glasses to celebrate the sport of football, but that’s ok. Sometimes, a shot glass will do just fine.

More info – Football Shot Glass (Set of 2)

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