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A cute football shot glass

The football season in the U.S. is long.  Although we sometimes identify it as a fall sport, it really begins in late summer and continues right up through mid-winter.  With that in mind, we’re just about at the single, pinnacle event of the entire football universe – the Superbowl.  In a sense, it’s nice to […]

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Football coaster set

Whether you like it or not, football season is just around the corner. And when it comes, you won’t be able to avoid it for the next, say, six months. Between professional and college pigskin (and even high school), you won’t have to look very hard for a game on TV or on the side […]

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Football beer glasses

Gear up for the Superbowl!  As the pigskin classic is only a week away, I present to you a fitting type of beer glass that will fit into your hand like an old, leather ball (ok, except that this will feel more like glass than leather, and maybe a bit slippery with condensation on the […]

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How to celebrate the football season with shot glasses

With football season almost ready to begin, it’s time to celebrate with festive glasses which commemorate the sport which is gradually becoming America’s new past time.  Take a look at some of these offerings which will provide evidence to your friends that you are a true fan of your favorite team, or at least a […]

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Football shot glasses

If you’ve been paying attention to your TV lately, you know that you’ve been seeing a lot of football.  This means it’s the start of the NFL season, and with that in mind it’s time to check out these NFL drinking glasses.  Included here are the obligatory football shot glasses, but also check out the […]

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