Three sets of Irish Coffee mugs

saint-patricks-day-29924_640St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner – in fact, it’s less than three weeks away!  If you want to celebrate in style, now is the time to think of proper glassware, such as Irish Coffee mugs or glasses.  While they are suitable for classic servings of their whiskey-based eponymous drink (see Irish Coffee recipe here), Irish Coffee glasses can also multitask, serving as vessels for other drinks, such as Hot Toddys. They can also be used for drinks for all ages, such as hot chocolate or a variety of teas.  The elegant foot of the glass and transparent siding makes it a great way to appreciate the visual presentation of the drink.

Here are three types of glasses which will put a kick into your festivities on March 17, or any day of the year.

Libbey Milan Irish Coffee Mug Set – your classic glasses for Irish coffee

Cuisinox Irish Coffee Glass –  stainless steel gives these mugs a modern look

Tall Boy Irish Coffee Mug Set – make the rich colors or layers of your drink stand out with this elegant glassware set

There you have it – three sets of Irish coffee mugs for your enjoyment.  Use them for St. Patrick’s Day or for any time of the year that you want an extra-special mug of something good to drink!

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