Mash your summer cocktail recipes

Summer cocktail
The weather is gradually warming up after a long winter, and before you know it, graduation parties and gatherings will be under way. Some of the best drinks for the warmer weather are those which require the use of a muddler, which is a bartender’s tool to mash ingredients against the bottom of a glass. The Mojito, one of my favorite summertime drinks, is an example of a cocktail made with a muddler.

To get you started, here are two kinds of muddlers you can get. The first is the Wooden KegWorks Cocktail Bar Muddler.  This foot-long tool is a basic device which is going to be suitable for serving up drinks in taller glasses, as the length will allow you to apply pressure onto the ingredients at the bottom.  The second is the shorter, Stainless Steel Hand Held Mojito Muddler, which is about 8″ long.  The synthetic material covering the end may better protect the bottom of your glass during the muddling process, but some people may find that the grind is not quite as firm as it is with a wooden one.

Photos: Kegworks Muddler, Stainless Steel Muddler

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