The makings of a unique, festive, and romantic shot glass

There are many Valentine’s Day glasses to choose from this time of year. While it’s possible to buy your own, such as the Romero Britto Shot Glass Heart(see below) for this time of the year or throughout, there’s another possibility to entertain friends and family alike during this romantic season.

Since you want to make a memorable event, you’ll want to do something that is noteworthy (unique) and fun. This can be accomplished by making your own colored ice shot glasses. To do this, you’ll need some type of mold, such as the EZ Drinker Ice Shot Glass Maker or the Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold. Simply pour liquid into the mold, freeze, and enjoy. Both are relatively inexpensive and allow you to make four ice glasses at a time. What better way to serve liqueurs than in your own frozen glasses?

But here’s where the possibilities emerge. Rather than using ordinary water, why not add a drop of coloring to create shot glasses in special colors corresponding with a theme? Red and pink are obvious choices for Valentine’s Day.  Better yet, try experimenting with layers. Simply fill the molds up 1/2 way with red-colored water, let them partially freeze, and then fill them up the rest of the way with pink water and let it freeze through?  Or how about freezing a sweet, sugary lemonade for the rim of the glass for an added flavor profile? Or perhaps make the whole glass out of orange juice, which could make for novel approach to a screwdriver cocktail by adding vodka? The possibilities are before you.

Keep in mind that if you use your imagination with these molds, you can use them whenever you want a festive atmosphere. In other words, don’t just use them once, but use them to make striped “Irish Flag” shot glasses for St. Patrick’s Day, brightly-colored glasses for the Fourth of July, or peppermint flavored glasses for Christmas. The more creative you are, the more memorable will your glasses be.

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